Every backyard can be improved by a simple garden shed – whether it is for storage, for use as a hothouse, or even for entertainment when the weather is less than ideal.  Here is what you need to know about choosing a garden shed.

When choosing a shed, the first thing that you will need to consider is the site itself.  Choose a spot that will be relatively inconspicuous but still has easy access – both for the building stage and for everyday usage.  There is no point putting a shed somewhere where it will only frustrate you on a regular basis.  Ensure that you are placing the shed somewhere where it will not break your local council’s building offset regulations.  Come and talk to the team at Col Western, we can advise you on the building regulations that you need to adhere to, or if you will require a building permit.

Also consider what you are using the shed for.  If it is for storage, ensure that there is plenty of room for garden tools, the lawn mower, fertilisers, toys, bikes, and whatever else may need to fit.  Systems for shelves will help you to keep everything organised and more readily available.  If you are planning on using the shed as a hothouse – to germinate seeds or grow fussy plants – you will need to ensure that the shed has plenty of natural light and is capable of holding humidity.  This will also affect the materials that you use.  For entertainment – such as a pool table or table tennis, or even just as a place for the kids to hang out, you will need a larger shed, capable of holding the entertainment equipment as well as the chairs.  You will also likely need wiring for lighting, and to run refrigerators, stereos and the like.

Our garden sheds are easy to install as we supply the walls and the roof panels already pre-assembled, so all you have to do is screw them all together.  We will deliver all of the components to your home, and will put the shed together if required. All sheds will need flooring.  For longevity and general convenience, the best option is a concrete slab.

If you are not confident about pouring one yourself, we can organise it for you.  Other floor options include paving, brick/concrete piers with a bearer and joist framework, or even a simple gravel floor, depending on what you intend to use the shed for.

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